Ensemble Arrangement

After the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the volunteer performers from all four opening…
After the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the volunteer performers from all four opening and closing ceremonies were so enthused that a range of activities ensued. One of them is the Vision project by Phil Scotton.

A group of about 100 volunteer ceremony performers are currently rehearsing a new song, which is due to be released in support of the charity SportsAid.

Based on lyrics from Phil and music from Mark Champion, both fellow ceremonies volunteers, the Vision group is made up of singers, dancers, Pandemonium Drummers and other instrumentalists: three guitars, one bass guitar, piano, two flutes, clarinet and cello.

I wrote the arrangement for the flutes, clarinet and cello and am helping out with directing the instrumentalists in close collaboration with the composer, the drum captain and the choirmaster.

The challenge in this production was to create an arrangement that supports the vocal lines, both solo and the choir, and that provides enough space for each instrument to feature prominently enough without dominating, all while contributing to the overall character of the song.

For the orchestral instruments, this was achieved by combining minimalist elements with jazz-type voicings, and by filling gaps left by the choir with an occasionally bold harmonic structure.

The orchestral ensemble therefore creates a romantic, slightly melancholic atmosphere to underline corresponding passages in the lyrics, and together with the r'n'b-esque choral arrangement, melodic guitar lines plus a driving drumbeat, the overall song harnesses emotion and power to convey gratitude with positive and optimistic thrust.

More information to follow.

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